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The Soundtracks of Our Lives

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Europa Terra Nostra's Weekly Livestream on October 21st at 8pm CET Get ready to rock! This week, the ETN panel will be having a special music-themed discussion. We will talk about the bands and albums we grew up listening to, as well as some of the newer artists we are enjoying today. We will also share some stories about the music projects that each of our panelists have been involved in. Our panel this week includes Fullmoon Ancestry, Sascha Roßmüller, Dan Eriksson, Ivan Bilokapic, and Stefan Brakus. What is your favorite album or artist? Join the live chat and let's find out! The Europa Terra Nostra Livestream will take place weekly every Thursday at 8:00pm (20:00) CET via YouTube and Odysee. Follow Europa Terra Nostra on: Telegram: Facebook: Twitter: Please also subscribe to our backup channel on Odysee: The Europa Terra Nostra Podcast – UNDERTOW: If you would like to support Europa Terra Nostra, please visit To become a member of Europa Terra Nostra, visit Sign our online petition to the Members of the European Parliament: To get all the information about Europa Terra Nostra, please visit our website:

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